Musicology Department of China Conservatory of Music was founded in September 1964. At beginning, its name was Musical Theory Department and changed its name as Musicology Department in 1981. Guan Hetong, Feng Wenci, Zhang Jingwei, Wu Wenguang, Du Yaxiong, Chen Mingdao and Yao Yijun had been the Director of the department. At present, the Director is Zhao Xiaonan. For development of fifty years, Musicology Department had been a national featured program construction department, Beijing key discipline, Beijing featured program construction department and innovative test site of talents cultivation of higher education.

Musicology Department has three cultivating graduations of Bachelor, Master and Doctor. It has three teaching and researching offices for Traditional Music, History of Music and Systematize Music.

Musicology Department has many famous Professors like Feng Wenci, Geng Shenglian, Dong Weisong, Zhang Jingwei, Wu Wenguang, Du Yaxiong, Chen Mingdao, Xiu Hailin, Zhao Talimu, Yao Yijun, Liu Yong, Yang Hong and Li Yuehong, etc.. 1 of them won the prize of Lifetime Achievement Award of the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, 1 of them is young and mid-age specialist that had great contribution to the country, 1 of them is the inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage, 2 of them are Beijing famous teachers, 2 teams of them are Beijing outstanding teaching teams, 1 of them is Beijing advanced individual with great ethics, 2 teams of them are Beijing innovation teams with the fund of talents projects, 3 of them are innovative talents, 1 of them is the Scholar of the Great Wall, 1 of them is teenager top-notch personnel and 5 of them are young and mid-age backbone teachers. At present, there are 17 full-time teachers, 6 of them are Professors, 7 of them are Associate Professors, 3 of them are lecturers and 1 of them is teaching assistant. It also has 4 doctoral advisors and 9 master advisors . Besides, it employs some famous specialists to teach in the department for long period of time.

The achievements of Musicology Department are splendid and it had won many kinds of prizes of Beijing and the nation. 1 of them is National Teaching Achievement, 8 of them are prizes of Theory Comment of the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, 1 of them is the third prize of Outstanding Achievements of Culture and Art of Ministry of Culture, 2 of them are Beijing Higher Education Achievements and 2 of them are Beijing Philosophy of the Social Sciences Achievements.

By 2014, Musicology Department had cultivated more than 200 undergraduates and more than 30 graduates as well as 12 doctoral students. They all played important roles in various teaching and research institutions. Many of them became outstanding scholars in educational circles and at the leading edge of academic research, which played a part in leading the direction of academic research.

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