Music Technology Department of China Conservatory of Music was founded in July 2011. It offers courses on these four major subjects: Musical Acoustics, Study of Musical Instruments, Electronic Music and Recording and Amplification, as well as three programs (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and doctorate degree). At the same time, they admit post-doctoral students in Musical Acoustics major nationally and worldwide, accept and welcome visiting scholars at home and abroad. The current acting Director of the department is Fu Xiaodong.

Based on the idea of “Create music by science and technology, explain music by science and technology”, Music Technology Department has put efforts on cultivate those talents with consciousness of innovation, music ability and scientific and technological literacy. At present, there are various major courses including the introduction to the Musical Acoustics, Musical Instruments Introduction, Application of Musical Temperament, Electronic Music Technology, Synthesis and Fabrication of Sounds, Technology and Art of Recording, etc.

Music Technology Department has two teaching and researching offices of Musical Acoustics & Musical Instruments and Electronic Music & Recording. It also has 2 laboratories for Musical Acoustics, 1 laboratory for Musical Instruments, 2 laboratories for Electronic Music and 1 digital recording studio for orchestral music and chamber music. At present, the department has 6 full-time teachers, 2 of them are Professors, 1 of them is Associate Professor, 1 of them is lecturer and 2 of them are laboratory technicians. Besides, it employs renowned specialists to be Guest Professors and Distinguished Professor like Dai Nianzu (Chinese History of Natural Science) and Li Dakang (Recording), etc.

At present, there are 33 undergraduates, 6 graduates and 2 doctoral students studying in Music Technology Department.

Music Technology Department has strong capacity for scientific research. By 2014, it had undertaken 13 nation-class and province-class researching projects. And one of them is a promotion project of national culture and technology (Improvement of Traditional Bass String Instruments).

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