Arts Management Department was founded in 2002 and enrolled students in 2003. Since the department had been set up, it insists “one theory” on school management(think highly of management and art), “two conformations”(the development of the department should conforms to the education goal of China Conservatory of Music and the need of market and modernization ), “three cultivating features”(cultivate students with professional knowledge and other abilities, with reasonable knowledge structure and with fine qualities and fine scholar) and “one historical mission”(the mission of developing and expanding Chinese culture), which had gradually formed an arts management education system with self-features and modern sciences.

Arts Management Department has a Teaching and Researching Office of Arts Management Theories, a Teaching and Researching Office of Arts Management Practice and a Laboratory of Music Performance. It has two cultivating gradations of undergraduates and graduates. The first Director of the department is Xie Dajing, and  the current Director of the department is Xiujun Li.

At present, there are 10 full-time teachers, 3 of them are Professor, 6 of them are lecturers, 1 of them is teaching assistant, 1 of them is doctoral advisors  and 3 of them are masteradvisors. It also employs some famous specialists of arts management to be master advisors including Ping Chen who is the President of National Theater, Wei Kang who is the Chairman of Beijing Entertainment Group and Cheng Tao who is the Deputy Director of Art Department of Ministry of Culture, etc..

Arts Management Department insists the international schooling way and thinks highly of international cooperation and communication. It built up a good cooperating relation with Yale University, Boston University, Northwest University, Chicago University, George Mason University, Washington University and American University, etc. In June 2014, Arts Management Department wrote the agreement of straight entrance the undergraduate-graduate student with Arts Management Department of USA George Mason University.

These years, Art Management Department undertook 9 Beijing scientific research tasks. Laboratory of Music Performance won the second prize of Beijing Education Achievements, one student won the prize of Theory Comments of the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music and one student won the prize of Beijing Innovative Talents.

At present, Arts Management Department had cultivated 147 undergraduates and 19 graduates, they are mainly in some important performance places and functional departments of arts management in China.

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