Music Education Department of China Conservatory of Music was founded in 1989. Yang Tongba, Xu Xiaolin, Yao Yijun and Liu Pei had been the Director of the department. At present, the Director of the department is Yu Feng.

Music Education Department has three teaching and researching offices for Music Basic Theory, Vocal Music Education and Piano Education. It has three cultivating graduations for Bachelor, Master and Doctor. There are various courses for undergraduates including Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Music Education Theory, Chinese Music Teaching Methods, Chorus and Conduction, Piano, Piano Teaching Methods, Vocal Music, Songs Composition and Small Band Orchestration, Physical Training and Choreography, etc. Master Education was started in 1993, its researching directions includes Music Education, Music Psychology, Music Literature Translation, Music Therapy, Piano Education Research and Vocal Education Research, etc.. And Doctoral Education was started in 2007, its researching directions includes Music Education, Music Psychology and Music Therapy.

At present, there are 171 undergraduates, 71 graduates and 9 doctoral students. In 2014, Music Education Department was approved by Ministry of Education to set up the authorized center for degree of “Master of Education”, which broaden the schooling way and expanded the enrollment scale of graduates.

There are 28 full-time teachers, 4 of them are Professors, 10 of them are Associate Professors and 14 of them are lecturers. It has 7 doctoral advisors and 26 master advisors . One teacher enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, two teachers won the prize of Ou Yongxi Excellent Music Educator and one teacher won the prize of Beijing Outstanding Teacher. Over years, the department undertook many kinds of researching projects, 1 of them won the prize of China National Social Studies Fund Art Projects, 1 of them won the prize of Social Studies Fund Projects of Ministry of Education, 1 of them won the prize of Beijing Social Studies Fund Projects and 2 of them won the prize of Beijing Higher Education Projects. It had published many books and papers. Teachers and students had won many prizes in various of competitions.

At present, the department had cultivated more than 740 undergraduates, more than 130 graduates and 10 Doctors. They all played a very important role in various schools, companies and art troupes for education, researching, management and performance.

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