​Successful Conclusion of 2023 Global Music Education League Violin Competition Update Nov 15 2023

In a recent letter to the Philadelphia Orchestra, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the power of music to transcend borders and build cultural bridges. He expressed hope that the Philadelphia Orchestra and artists from around the world, including China and the United States, would uphold principles of civilization, equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and inclusiveness. He called for close communication, cooperation, and promotion of artistic prosperity, aiming to foster new chapters in cultural exchanges between China, the United States, and other nations. On the evening of November 13th,the final and award ceremony of the 2023 Global Music Education League Violin Competition were successfully held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The final of the competition was jointly presented by the Global Music Education League, China Conservatory of Music, and the Philadelphia Orchestra of the United States. At a pivotal juncture, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Philadelphia Orchestra's inaugural performance in China in 1973, the successful organization of this competition underscores the responsibility and mission of fostering global artistic prosperity and promoting friendly exchanges among people from various countries.

The 2023 Global Music Education League Violin Competition, initiated and organized by the Global Music Education League, has brought forth 37 world-class violin performances for the judges and audiences, both online and offline, starting from November 3rd. After a series of intense competitions, including 19 preliminary rounds, 12 semifinals, and 12 finals, Chaowen LUO, Elli CHOI, and Joshua BROWN emerged as the finalists from a pool of 19 contestants. The final concert of the competition was conducted by Tristan Rais-Sherman, leading the Philadelphia Orchestra of the United States and Chinese National School of Music Symphony Orchestra of China Conservatory of Music They collaborated with the three finalists to perform violin concertos by Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, and Brahms, delivering a magnificent and exceptional musical feast for the audience. After intense competition, Joshua BROWN from the United States won the gold medal in the competition, Elli CHOI, also from the United States, received the silver medal, and Chaowen LUO from China was awarded the jade medal in the competition.

On the evening of November 13th, National Centre for the Performing Arts was packed with a full house. Cui WANG, member of Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and Vice President of China Conservatory of Music, served as the host, introducing the competition's Chairman and members of the jury, and officially announcing the start of the final round.

Chinese contestant Chaowen LUO, aged 22, took the stage first, collaborating with the Philadelphia Orchestra and Chinese National School of Music Symphony Orchestra to deliver a stunning performance of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major. The collaboration between the contestant and the orchestras was impeccable, providing a serene and beautiful auditory experience. The subsequent allegro movement sustained the uplifting musical emotion, with the violin and orchestra triumphantly entering in a glorious and full-bodied manner, showcasing the optimistic and positive tone of the work.

Following that, the second finalist, Elli CHOI, aged 22, from the United States, collaborated with the orchestra to deliver a remarkable performance of Finnish composer Sibelius' masterpiece, the Violin Concerto in D minor. The contestant's distinctive artistic expression, combined with the orchestra's tight and rhythmic intensity, vividly conveyed the romantic spirit infused in the composition, leaving a lasting impression.

As the concert entered its second half, the final performer to take the stage was 24-year-old Joshua BROWN from the United States. He and the orchestra performed the Violin Concerto in D major by German composer Brahms. The perfect synergy between Joshua and the orchestra showcased the rich Hungarian style, and his exquisite performance elevated the music to its climax, bringing the concert to a satisfying conclusion.

After the competition, the award ceremony of 2023 Global Music Education League Violin Competition was held at National Centre for the Performing Arts.Liguang WANG, the Chairman of the Global Music Education League competition, delivered a speech. Firstly, he expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the friends from various sectors who contributed to this competition. He stated that over the past six years, the Global Music Education League has successfully organized numerous internationally influential music events, providing a stage for many outstanding young musicians to showcase their talents to the world. He emphasized that this violin competition has set a standard for music aesthetics and music education worldwide. He expressed his hope that these young violin artists can become music ambassadors in the future, promoting world peace and contributing to the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.


Xincao LI, the President of China Conservatory of Music, congratulated the successful organization of this competition. He believes that this competition serves as an important platform for global performing arts institutions to exchange ideas, share resources, and nurture talents, enabling more outstanding Chinese musicians to shine on the world stage. He stated that music itself has no standardized answer, and beauty is diverse. The varied performances and diverse interpretations by different contestants have given the competition a deeper meaning. He expressed the hope that in the future, we can organize more high-standard and high-level music competitions, which will contribute to the cultivation of more outstanding Chinese musicians and facilitate greater contributions to the exchange of music cultures among nations.

Ryan Fleur, the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Orchestra, expressed in his speech: "As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our first visit to China, it is a tremendous honor to present a splendid concert together with the finalists of this competition, which is one of the most beautiful gifts exchanged between the two music industries on this momentous occasion." He stated that the collaboration between the Global Music Education League International Music Competition and the Philadelphia Orchestra once again carries the torch of friendship that has endured for 50 years, infusing this competition with even greater significance. He expressed the hope to continue using music as a medium to build bridges between the people and cultures of both countries, continuing to write the next chapter of friendship for the next 50 years.

Subsequently, Chairman Liguang WANG, Jury Chairman Bin HUANG, and conductor Tristan Rais-Sherman presented the Gold, Silver, and Jade Awards, respectively, to the winners of the competition.

Gold Award

Joshua BROWN

(24 years old, United States)

Silver Award


(22 years old, United States)

Jade Award

Chaowen LUO

(22 years old, China)

Lastly, Chairman Liguang WANG announced the successful conclusion of the 2023 Global Music Education League Violin Competition. This was not only an international-level violin performance competition but also an opportunity and platform for enhancing professional music education and aesthetic education through exchange. Civilization thrives through mutual learning, and diversity emerges through communication This year, the outstanding young musicians from the Chinese National School of Music Symphony Orchestra have taken up the torch of friendship from the older generation, joining hands with the Philadelphia Orchestra to play a new chapter for the future. The successful organization of the Global Music Education League Violin Competition has injected youthful vitality and vibrant music into the winter of Beijing. It has also promoted cultural exchanges between China and the world, making music a powerful force in advancing human civilization, promoting world peace, and stability.

During the competition, students from our Department of Arts Management, Department of Orchestral & Instruments, Piano Department, Conducting Department, Musicology, and School of Education actively registered as volunteers. Under the guidance of our young teachers, they excellently fulfilled their responsibilities in event organization and operations. This effort received high praise from Glen Kwok, the Director of the World Federation of International Music Competition (WFIMC), Vice Chairman Sisi YE, the jury, and contestants from various countries.

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