President Wang Liguang met with the Dean of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Update Oct 31 2018 Update Oct 30 2018



On the afternoon of October 17, 2018, Wang Liguang, the Chairman of the Global Music Education League and the President of the China Conservatory of Music, met with Julian Webber, the Dean of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Pascal Nemirovski, the international director of the piano department of Birmingham Conservatoire, and Jiaxin Cheng, a cello professor, at the VIP room of the Grand Concert Hall of our school. The two sides held consultations on further cooperation in running schools in the future. Li Xiujun, director of Global Affairs Department of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National School of Music , Shao En, director of the Conducting Department, Jin Ping, director of the Composition Department, Jin Ye, director of the International Exchange and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Center, Zhao Jiannan, General Party Branch Secretary of the attached middle school, and related staff members attended the meeting.

On behalf of the school, President Wang Liguang welcomed Dean Julian Webber to visit China again and briefed him on the achievements made in the “2018 Leadership Network of Global Music Education League” held in September and the resolution to establish the headquarter of the League in Beijing. President Wang stated that the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire is an internationally renowned conservatory with significant success in the discipline of musicals. At the same time, it is of great significance for our school to develop cooperation on the discipline of musical with Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, since it is a member of Global Music Education League. This is conducive to the integration of high-quality teaching resources among the member schools of the League, and it will provide a broader learning platform for students.

Dean Julian Webber agreed with President Wang Liguang’s idea of developing cooperation in joint training program very much. He said that he looked forward to cooperating with the China Conservatory of Music to develop an exchange program between the two schools, and conducting mutual recognition of credit and degree. Dean Julian Webber said that in the master classes of recent days, he witnessed cello major students’ superb performance skills in our school and was willing to provide our students with opportunities to continue their studies at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. In addition, director Pascal Nemirovski also mentioned that the students of piano major in our school also left a deep impression on him, and he hoped to invite outstanding students of piano major to attend the International Piano Festival and Piano Competition held in the UK in 2019.

The talks have laid a sound foundation for the two sides to build a bridge for cooperation and to further expand cooperation in joint training programs.

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