News of Exchange Season | the “2018 Leadership Network of Global Music Education League” was Grandly Opened! Update Oct 24 2018



“Music promotes the harmony of the world.”

Music is a language without borders, and a bridge to the soul..

Education is the common mission of the world, and the ladder of human progress.


On September 25th, the “2018 Leadership Network of Global Music Education League” was grandly opened at the China Conservatory of Music.

The 2018 first Council of the league was convened prior to the opening ceremony. The meeting heard the work report of President Wang Liguang, and passed an important resolution to settle the headquarter base of “Global Music Education League” in Beijing, China after reviewing. At the meeting, the members of the league had a preliminary discussion about the situation of new colleges and universities applying for memberships, and expressed their suggestions and ideas for the league’s work.

At 11: 30AM, the “2018 Leadership Network of Global Music Education League” was officially opened. Some representatives of the Global Music Education League, representatives of new colleges and universities applying for memberships from all over the world, and representatives of teachers and students of the China Conservatory of Music attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Li Xiujun, the Deputy Director of the Academic Board of the China Conservatory of Music.

The first agenda of the meeting was an announcement of the latest resolution of the Council that the headquarter base of Global Music Education League will be settled in Beijing. This announcement was made by Kaarlo Hildén, the council member of the Global Music Education League, and the dean of the Sibelius Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki in Finland.

The second agenda of the meeting was the league’s work report given by Wang Liguang, the Chairman of the Global Music Education League. Over the past year, the league has been dedicated to bringing together the academic forces of music around the world, actively promoting the sharing of high-quality resources, promoting joint training of students, exchange visits of teachers, mutual recognition of credits and degrees, and making plans of the top international music events, holding high-end music academic activities, carrying out the new strategy of “Musical Culture Diplomacy” with practical results, and realizing the exchanges and dialogues between Chinese and Western musical culture. These works done by the league play an irreplaceable role in the construction of the community of human being’s musical civilization.

The Chairman of the Global Music Education League met and visited a number of the league’s colleges and non-league colleges to explore a new mode of cooperation in the community of higher music education around the world.


Through the platform of “Global Music Education League” , close contacts should be made with foreign embassies in China so as to build a new platform for the league to become an important academic organization with international influence by virtue of official diplomatic resources.


Promoting the opening and sharing of high-quality teaching resources in the world, formulating a transnational, cross-school and cross-disciplinary talent training plan, exploring the new mechanism of international joint talent training: “2+2”for undergraduate students, “1+1+1” for graduate students and “4+2” for students directly from undergraduate to graduate.


 Promoting the academic and artistic exchanges between the world’s top music experts, scholars and musicians, building a new and high-end think tank, studying new issues, putting forward new ideas, and building a new system.


Strengthening the substantive cooperation among the members of the league, further improving the cooperation framework system of Global Music Education League, constantly optimizing the membership structure, and absorbing new members of the league.

Finally, Chairman Wang Liguang further looked forward to the key works of the league’s next stage in his report.

The work report was highly recognized by the participants.

After the opening ceremony, the exchange season will also carry out activities such as thematic exchanges, concert for the celebration of the first anniversary for the league’s establishment, arts collection and so on. The principals will exchange views on topics such as the league’s curriculum docking scheme, the hosting plan of the “Academy Award” competition, and the teaching program for Internet remote opening curriculum, so as to deepen understanding, reach consensus, and promote cooperation, thus establishing a solid foundation for the league to become an important academic organization with international influence.

Being inclusive, achieving harmony in diversity, achieving coexistence of advantages, and promoting the development of civilization.

The Global Music Education League is bound to achieve win-win results in opening up and cooperation!


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