A Symphony Gala for the Coming Spring Festival Update Jan 27 2024

On the evening of January 27, 2024, at 19:30, the China Conservatory of Music proudly presents the "Dragon 'Yue' New Year — 2024 Spring Festival Concert" produced by its Art Practice Center at the China National Opera House Theater. Under the baton of the young and talented conductor Jin Gang, the symphony orchestra of China Conservatory of Music will perform an array of folk music masterpieces, rich in traditional New Year flavor, ringing in the celebrations of the Spring Festival.

This concert is a confluence of cultural masterpieces from both northern and southern China. The program includes several classical works such as the Spring Festival Overture and Festival Overture, which will open the Lunar New Year celebrations with auspicious melodies symbolizing the Year of Dragon; and young guzheng (a plucked-string musical instrument) player Cao Zhaozhao will perform a music piece adapted from a popular folk song from Northwest China, Shan Dan Dan Hua Kai Hong Yan Yan (Red Morningstar Lilies Are In Blossom), capturing the deep affection of the Northern Shaanxi people for their homeland and igniting the festive atmosphere of the Chinese Lunar New Year; Violinist Li Yuhe and the orchestra will play The Butterfly Lovers, weaving a timeless tale of love with its melodious and lingering tunes. Excerpts from The Red Detachment of Women will take the audience back to the era of revolution, paying homage to the spirit of those times. The Chinese Sights and Sounds segment will showcase the artistic quintessence of traditional Chinese Han folk songs. These classical pieces together craft a unique and richly cultural New Year's celebration.

The symphony orchestra of China Conservatory of Music, drawing upon the institute's exceptional resources and featuring renowned conductors, strives to be a leading professional symphony orchestra that innovatively carries forward Chinese musical culture while embracing the diversity of global music.

The symphony orchestra of China Conservatory of Music

Starting from the Year of the Dragon, the China Conservatory of Music aims to establish the "Chinese Sound, Chinese Music, Chinese New Year" series as Beijing's signature cultural brand for the Spring Festival. This series, produced by the China Conservatory of Music and its Art Practice Center, is a collaborative effort across various departments, bringing together top talent and distinguished alumni from both within China and abroad. The series includes a mix of live concerts, televised performances, and online streams, providing a diverse range of cultural offerings. Beyond the Dragon "Yue" New Year concert, the China Conservatory of Music will also host a special "Joyful Lantern Festival" concert at the China National Opera House during the Lantern Festival, adding a modern touch to the traditional festivities.

During the Spring Festival, two meticulously curated New Year concerts by the China Conservatory of Music will be broadcast on Beijing Television on February 7 and 8, corresponding to the 28th and 29th days of the twelfth lunar month. Furthermore, six New Year concerts will be streamed on February 4 and 9 on platforms like People's Daily Online, XuexiQiangguo, and Yangshipin, allowing audiences nationwide to enjoy traditional Chinese music and the festive atmosphere from their homes.

In addition, a series of public cultural performances will be held across the capital. On January 22, the symphony orchestra of China Conservatory of Music will perform a "Music to the Countryside" concert in the Beijing Music Industry Park Concert Hall, Heizhuanghu Township, Chaoyang District. On February 3, musicians and artists will bring New Year's festivities to iconic locations in Beijing, including Chaoyang Station, Solana, Sanlitun, and Parkview Green FangCaoDi, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere throughout the city, playing traditional music for the coming lunar new year.

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