The concert by students from Piano Department and Orchestral Instruments Departmentwas successfully performed in Beijing Concert Hall Update Oct 17 2022

On the evening of October 10th, 2022, undergraduate teaching repertoire show of the Chinese National School of Music - a practical concert for the piano and orchestra students of the China, Conservatory of Music was successfully hosted at the Beijing Concert Hall. The concert was directed by Professor Wang Liguang, President of the China Conservatory of Music, and conducted by Professor Jin Ye, Deputy Head of the Conducting Department of the China Conservatory of Music, with soloists from the Pianoa Department and Orchestral Instruments Department of the China Conservatory of Music and outstanding graduates, together with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. The concert was warmly appreciated and applause was rendered at the venue for the wonderful performances of the participating conductors, students and orchestra.

The pieces for the concert were selected from the undergraduate repertoire for violin, flute, cello and piano curriculum of the Chinese National School of Music. In this concert, the requirements of these repertoires for teaching and performance practice in terms of performance skills, artistic expression, and musical style characteristics were sufficiently demonstrated. At the same time, it was a showcase concert of the achievements of undergraduate teaching and talent cultivation of performance majors in China Conservatory of Music, which presented the promising results of the school in piano and orchestra talent cultivation and the youthfulness of China Conservatory of Music.

The first piece of the first half of the concert was the first piece of Mozart Concerto No.5 in A Major, which was listed in the curriculum standards for violin in grades 1 to 4. The performer, Zhang Leyang, is an undergraduate violin student enrolled in 2019 in the Orchestral Instruments Department, supervised by Huang Bin, Distinguished Professor, Head of the Orchestral Instruments Department and violinist. Zhang Leyang is excellent at expressing the emotions of music through changes in musical expression and intensity, and his performance is clear and melodic, especially in the Cadenza, which reflects his solid playing skills.

The second piece played by Zhang Leyang is Legend by Polish composer Wieniawski for violin and orchestra, which is listed in the curriculum standards of the main violin course for the second academic year.This piece not only requires a high standard of double intonation from the performer, but also a smooth melody. With solid basic skills, Zhang Leyang clearly rendered the structural layers, musical emotions and artistic expression of the music.

Su Yuwen is an undergraduate student enrolled in 2021 in the flute major of the Orchestral Instruments Department under the supervision of Associate Professor Ni Yizhen of the Orchestral Instruments Department. Her performance is of the Flute Concerto in E Minor by the Italian composer S. Mercadante. It is listed in the curriculum for the first year of the main flute course. Her performance is fluent and comfortable, and she has a comprehensive mastery of flute playing skills, displaying a well-trained command and mastery of different registers, timbres and breaths. There was an excellent balance between lyricism and technicalskillsin this piece.

Wang Zijue, an undergraduate student enrolled in 2021 in the cello major of the Orchestral Instruments Department, studied with Professor Liu Man, Associate Head of the Orchestral Instruments Department. He performed Shostakovich's Cello Concerto No.1 in E flat Major, which is a content taught in the fourth year of the main cello course standard. It is a classic of the twentieth-century cello repertoire with a high technical demand. The entire movement consistently demonstrates the energy and dynamics of the music, with a remarkably high demand for detail and a grasp of the overall structure in terms of performance. The performance of Wang Zijue was satisfying, integrating the dazzling skills of the cello section with emotional catharsis, sharing the dynamics of the music with the audience by fully echoing, blending and contrasting with the orchestra.

The second half of the concert was a performance of Rachmaninoff's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 in C minor by the outstanding graduate of the Piano Department, Li Bowen. It is listed in the curriculum of the main piano course. Considered as an essential repertoire for every mature pianist, it is also a candidate for many international piano competitions. Covering a variety of performance skills, the work has a strong Russian musical style with very high demands on each of them. Li Bowen has won the Golden Bell Award during his school years and studied with Associate Professor Han Bing, Head of the Piano Department. His performance was layered, with a fluid and natural dialogue between solo piano and orchestra, where the contrast and interplay of the two weaves formed an organic echo of the music. With his mature and confident playing, the emotional span of the piece was well expressed, and the contrast and unity of timbres between the movements was well balanced, especially in the second movement, which reflected his unique understanding of the work.

The five pieces in the concert were written in different eras and musical styles, with different band sizes. The style and characteristics of each work were adequately exposed to the audience by conductor Jin Ye according to the characteristics of each piece, so that the orchestra and the soloist were integrated and mirrored each other. Under his conductorship, the confidence and maturity of the four soloists were fully mobilized

As an outstanding professional symphony orchestra in China, Beijing Symphony Orchestra possesses profound accumulation and outstanding achievements in music performing arts. With its rigorous and energetic performance, the tacit cooperation formed by the voices of the various instruments over the years of experience manifested the orchestra's dedication to musical propriety during its development, which provided strong support for the soloists' artistic performance throughout the performance.

With the philosophy to "Inherit Chinese Culture, Raise Chinese Melody, Train Chinese Talents, Develop Chinese Music", the Piano Department and Orchestral Instruments Department of the China Conservatory of Music have been steadily promoting the construction of curriculum standards and teaching materials for the main courses of each major direction, exerting the teaching strength of the combination of "podium + stage", exploring the innovative mode of talent training for music performance in teaching practice, to provide talent reserves for the development of the "Chinese National School of Music" and the establishment of the Double First Class University.

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