President Wang Liguang Met the Guests of “2018 Leadership Network of Global Music Education League” (III) Update Oct 26 2018



Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini”, Italy

Director Ludovico Bramanti

Director Ludovico Bramanti from Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini” in Italy was the eleventh guest at this meeting. President Wang Liguang expressed his regrets of failing to meet with Director Bramanti in Italy last year because of his itinerary, and he introduced the main topics of this exchange season to him, hoping that this forum can integrate the superior disciplines of various schools with cultural ties, and construct a high-end platform for the integration of resources. The China Conservatory of Music is willing to work with Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini” to build a world-class vocal music discipline. Director Bramanti agreed with him and was willing to bring Chinese music and Chinese culture back to Italy to create a concentric circle of world music. This year coincides with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Italian opera composer Rossini. Director Bramanti presented the precious Rossini’s music score to President Wang, a gift with a special commemorative meaning.


Berklee College of Music, America

Senior Vice President/ Provost Laurance Simpson

Deputy Dean Mathew Nikkei

President Wang met with the Senior Vice President/ Provost Laurance Simpson and Deputy Dean Mathew Nikkei from Berklee College of Music, America, and extended his warm welcome to the presence of two deans. President Wang said that the Berkeley College of Music was a great contributor to art education, and he hoped to work with Berkeley College of Music to integrate high-quality resources, learn from each other and make progress together. President Simpson also introduced that the school began to provide online music courses earlier this month, and he hoped to take the opportunity of this activity to introduce the situation of American culture and music teaching to the league’s members. President Simpson said that music had no borders and could transcend national systems and cultural systems. President Wang deeply agreed with him, and pointed out that the league’s cooperation, regardless of the training of talents, or the construction of schools, is mutually beneficial, and will have significant influence, which fulfills the fundamental purpose of the league.


Stanford University Department of Music, U.S.A.

Chair Ambassador Bruce Moyer

The 13th guest that President Wang met with was Professor Bruce Moyer, of the Department of Music at Stanford University in the U.S.. Professor Moyer brought a globe as a gift to President Wang, meaning that the Global Music Education League would spread music to the world. On behalf of the department, Professor Moyer also expressed the wish to have extensive cooperation to enhance understanding and exchanges, and hoped to invite President Wang Liguang to Stanford University to collaborate on the creation of musical works. President Wang expressed his deep appreciation, and he introduced the achievements and experience of the league in the past year, pointing out that Stanford University was indispensable in the Global Music Education League. He believed that the cooperation will be more successful based on the mutual exchange and sharing of high-quality education resources with the Stanford University. Finally, he welcomed Professor Moyer and other professors and experts of the Department of Music at Stanford University to visit China Conservatory of Music and give lectures in the future.

Leeds College of Music, UK

Principal Gerry Godley

The last guest of this meeting was Principal Gerry Godley from Leeds College of Music, UK. President Wang expressed his warm welcome and great respect for the arrival of Principal Godley and his cooperation, and he fully affirmed that pop music was very mature in England with great social influence. Dean Wang said that Leeds College of Music had outstanding achievements in popular music education and communication, hoping that Leeds College of Music could provide the China Conservatory of Music with relevant professional co-construction programs. President Wang believed that music should be oriented to the public, and the development of popular but not vulgar music culture should be encouraged to meet the needs of the people’s good life. Principal Godley fully agreed with him, and said that he would strongly support the construction of the Global Music Education League. Finally, on behalf of the China Conservatory of Music and the Leeds College of Music, the two principals signed a cooperation agreement.



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