The concert by professors from Orchestral Instruments Department of China Conservatory of Music was successfully hosted in Beijing Concer Update Oct 24 2022

On the evening of October 16, 2022, Showcase on Orchestral Instrument teaching in the undergraduate education system of Chinese National School of Music——The concert by professors from Orchestral Instruments Department of China Conservatory of Music was successfully performed in Beijing Concert Hall. The concert was directed by Professor Wang Liguang, President of the China Conservatory of Music,conductorProfessor Xia Xiaotang, together with three performers, Jin Hui, Zhou Yuchen and Liu Man (in order of appearance), teachers of the Orchestral Instruments Department, together with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, presented an artistic, academic and exemplary concert. A warm atmosphere was witnessed during the performance, along with the lasting and enthusiastic applause to the performers, conductor and orchestra.

The repertoire performed in this concert are all standard teaching pieces for the undergraduate violin, bassoon and cello courses of the curriculum of the Chinese National School of Music, which are also works composed by three Chinese composers with the characteristics of the Chinese National School of Music. With exquisite performances, the performers comprehensively demonstrated the achievements of the curriculum system of the Chinese National School of Music in a demonstration version of the repertoire, while interpreting the cultural connotation of the "Chinese National School of Music" from different perspectives with their exquisite performance skills and extensive artistic expression.

The First Movement of Impression of Changbai Mountain

It is the first piece of the concert, a violin concerto performed by Professor Jin Hui, Head of the String Section of the Orchestral Instruments Department. Written by composer Piao Ruixing, it is listed in the curriculum for the fourth year of the violin main course. A modern compositional skill was used to explore the various techniques of violin playing, while the composer used rich orchestral impressions to depict the different magical landscapes of Changbai Mountain. With a rigorous and balanced performance, Jin Hui placed emphasis on the use of distinctive variations in intensity and timbre to portray different landscapes with distinctive characteristics, while providing a perfect expression of the deep, fluid and impassioned nature of the work with a rich virtuosity. In his performance, the artistic expression and technical presentation of the piece were integrated to present a clear image of the piece.

The Sketch of Bird Migration

The piece performed by Associate Professor Zhou Yuchen of the Orchestral Instruments Department was the bassoon concertoThe Sketch of Bird Migration composed by Associate Professor Wen Zhanli of the Department of Composition. It is listed in the curriculum for the fourth year of the main bassoon course. In combination with modern composition skills and orchestral orchestration, Wen Zhanli used different instrument timbre combinations to produce a narrative musical picture that unfolds a vivid scroll of migratory birds on their way home. With his flexible control of the breath, delicate and varied tone, superb skills in sustained long tones and fast rhythmic passages, and natural transitions between different playing techniques, Zhou Yuchen portrayed the different forms of migratory birds, imbuing them with spirituality.

Music and Paintings of the Silk Road

Associate Head of the Orchestral Instruments Department and cellist Professor Liu Man performed the cello concerto Music and Paintings of the Silk Road composed by composer Du Yong, Professor of the Composition Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. The piece vividly describes the prosperity and the vastness of the Silk Road from the first viewpoint of the traveler, who experiences the sadness, shock and courageous exploration. It is listed in the curriculum for the third year of the main cello course. With a heartfelt performance, Liu Man brought the audience to the magnificent picture of the traveler walking along the Silk Road, which led the audience to feel the weight of history and romantic sentiment from the first perspective.

The entire performance was accompanied by applause from time to time, and conductor Xia Xiaotang, together with the performers and the orchestra, expressed their gratitude to the audience several times. The sound fusion between orchestra and soloist was handled with a global grasp and meticulousness by Xia Xiaotang, so that the echoes between the two were appropriate, showing the profound understanding and different levels of emotional expression of the performers in the three Chinese works. The harmony between the various sections of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra allowed for a high degree of sonic integration, providing strong support for the three soloists' interpretations.

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