President Wang Liguang Met the Guests of “2018 Leadership Network of Global Music Education League” (II) Update Oct 26 2018 Update Oct 26 2018



Sydney Conservatorium of Music at University of Sydney, Australia

Dean Anna Reid

President Wang met with Anna Reid, Dean of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the University of Sydney, Australia, and extended a warm welcome to her arrival. President Wang briefed Dean Reid on the joint talent training cooperation with many music institutions in Europe and North America, which had been actively carried out by the league over the past year. He also hoped that Dean Reid, as a council member of the league, would offer more valuable ideas, and promote the implementation of decision-making and various tasks. In addition, President Wang introduced the intention of the league to hold various international competitions and set up the “Academy Award of Global Music Education League”. He also stressed that the league’s work had attracted the attention of many ambassadors to China, and this would help establish a “United Nations in the filed of cultural education” in the promising future. Dean Reid offered constructive advice on the future development of the league, such as “building an online learning platform, conducting course exchanges among the league’s outstanding colleges and universities” and “paying more attention to intangible cultural heritage, exploring the unique and characteristic highlights of the national culture” and so on. Finally, the two deans agreed to work hard to build the league and create a ladder for young people around the world to become outstanding international musical talents.


School of Music at University of Auckland, New Zealand

 Head of School of Music Martin Rummel

Martin Rummel, Head of School of Music at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, is today’s seventh dean that President Wang met with. President Wang Liguang was very happy to meet his old friend again, and recalled their unforgettable moments of the last exchange season. President Wang introduced that this exchange season would conduct a discussion on the “international joint degree program”, hoping that Mr. Rummel could give more advice, and promote the cooperation among the international universities of the league. Mr. Rummel expressed his hope to work with the China Conservatory of Music in depth to open up new ways of win-win cooperation. He also warmly invited President Wang to visit New Zealand in its best season and feel the beauty of its natural charm. President Wang invited Mr. Rummel to visit the ethnic minority region in China together, so as to feel the different cultural characteristics of China’s 56 nations and the unique charm of Chinese culture. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Rummel presented a gift called “Hiding a small New Zealand inside” to President Wang as a token of friendship.


Sibelius Academy at University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

Dean Kaarlo Hildén

Director of Division of International Relations Tovey Martinson

President Wang Liguang then met with Kaarlo Hildén, another first council member of the league and Dean of the Sibelius Academy at University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. The two principals exchanged humorous greetings. President Wang expressed his hope to play a good role as the  council member, and to hold this council meeting successfully with fruitful results. At the same time, he pointed out that the Global Music Education League should serve as a practical platform to integrate the superior disciplines or majors of each league’s school. Besides, the league should open the cooperation channel of different education mechanism, and realize the best talent training. Dean Hildén agreed with him, and he further proposed to offer intensive courses ranging from a few weeks to a year according to the situations of each school, so as to give students more opportunities to communicate and study. He also proposed to actively carry out the exchanges of teachers’ visits among the schools of the league to realize the in-depth cooperation and keep pace with each other in the field of music.


Department of Music at University of York, UK

Head of Department of Music Ambrose Field

It is the second time for Dean Ambrose Field from Department of Music at University of York, UK to come to the China Conservatory of Music. The two schools have already achieved substantial cooperation results through President Wang’s return visit to the European institutions of the league. The two deans looked forward to a greater potential for cooperation and hoped that the two sides would establish a long-term cooperative partnership so that more Chinese and foreign musical professionals could exchange views and the two countries could learn from each other’s cultures. During the meeting, the two deans also exchanged views on issues of common concern. After the meeting, on behalf of the China Conservatory of Music and the University of York, the two deans signed an agreement on the“1+1+1” joint talent training for graduate students of the two universities.

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Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini di TRIESTE, Italy

President Lorenzo Capaldo

The tenth dean that President Wang Liguang met with was President Lorenzo Capaldo from Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini di TRIESTE, Italy. President Wang recalled his experience of coming across an Italian middle school student when visiting Tartini last year, hoping that she would come to China to study music to reflect the results of the cooperation between the two schools, and also became a “small messenger” of Sino-Italian culture. President Capaldo also said he was looking forward to the exchange of students and teachers between the two schools in the future, and warmly invited President Wang Liguang to come to Italy in 2019 for the academic exchanges as the Chairman of the league. Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini di TRIESTE and China Conservatory of Music will strive to become a bridge for cultural exchanges between the two countries.


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