Music born in the heart thus it is sensible. Chinese music is just like a river lasting a long period of time, it is a continuous reproduction breeding in an endless succession and heading for the future.

China Conservatory of Music shoulders the mission of inheriting Chinese music, and always insists the philosophy of schooling that “Inherit studies of Chinese culture, Develop rhymes of Chinese culture, Cultivate talents with ability for our country, Strengthen music field of our nation/Develop Chinese Music”. Our goal is to make a success of a conservatory of music based on studies of Chinese ancient civilization.

We are always very confident to bring forth new ideas. China Conservatory of Music is the pioneer, the explorer and the leader of Chinese music education and enjoys good reputations like “The Cradle of Chinese Musician” and “The Palace of Chinese Music”. We struggled for decades and we had cultivated many music talents as well as formed the Chinese style and model in the field of music higher education, which laid the foundation of substance, system and culture for us to keep on moving.

We are always very struggling to realize cultural renaissance. China Conservatory of Music inherits traditional essence, absorbs spirits of the time and collects all advantages of the world on the way to establish a world-class conservatory of music, and we think highly of studies of Chinese ancient civilization when we cultivate students and build up the Chinese music education system, trying to make Chinese music unique. In the future, we will do community services, participate in Beijing and national cultural construction and promote international cultural communication, which will contribute to culture, art and music education of human beings.

We are always very elaborate to establish Chinese music school. We learned from Venice Opera Music School, Viennese Classical School, Russian Folk Music School and American Music School as well as based on Chinese music resources, Chinese art styles, Chinese musician and Chinese music works to establish the Chinese Music School. We cooperate with many world-class conservatory of music to promote our courses and our scientific goal of development.

To inherit studies of Chinese ancient civilization, because we should learn essence of our tradition. This the value and goal, blood and soul of us Chinese nation, and it is also the faith of China Conservatory of Music.

To develop rhymes of Chinese culture, because our culture is elegant and profound. If we highlight the elegant temperament of Chinese culture in our music, Chinese music will show its glory in the world.

To cultivate talents with ability for our country, because talents are the key for high quality music. We want to cultivate those people with humanistic connotations, positive actions and great music talents. They can be ordinary but they must be noble and broad-minded.

To strengthen music field of our nation, because music is the root of our nation. We insist the philosophy of schooling that “Inherit studies of Chinese ancient civilization, Develop rhymes of Chinese culture, Cultivate talents with ability for our country, Strengthen music field of our nation”, and we advocate magnanimous art atmosphere as well as establish a cultural caution system to realize the world-class development.

We had inherited the fortune of tradition and we will go on our goal and dream. China Conservatory of Music will go to the world and future with its mission!

Wherever you are from, we really welcome you to join us and let’s together make our dream of music and art come true!

21st, Sept.2016

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