Dutch Cultural Counselor in China Ineke van de Pol Visits China Conservatory of Music Update Dec 08 2017



Time: December 5, 2017
Source: International Exchange Department
On the afternoon of December 4, 2017, Wang Liguang, Chairman of the Global Music Education League and President of China Conservatory of Music, met with Ms. Ineke van de Pol, Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Netherlands in China, at the VIP room of the Grand Concert Hall of China Conservatory of Music. They discussed further cooperation programs and details between China Conservatory of Music and conservatories and relevant cultural institutions in the Netherlands. Li Xiujun, Director of the International Exchange Department of China Conservatory of Music, Wang Cui, Secretary-General of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National School of Music and relevant staff attended the meeting.

President Wang first welcomed Counselor Ineke van de Pol, and briefed her on the overview of China Conservatory of Music and an array of efforts China Conservatory of Music has made in the field of international exchange in recent years. He particularly introduced the Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education launched by China Conservatory of Music in September this year and the Global Music Education League established during this event. He expressed his hope to further expand international exchange channels by establishing music exchange bases and world music periodicals, in order to forge a cultural bond with strategic significance for more cultural exchange and mutual learning among different countries.

Counselor Ineke van de Pol first congratulated China Conservatory of Music for its international reputation it has built in recent years and the successful organization of influential international exchange activities. She also expressed her deep regret at the failure to participate in the Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education due to the time of assuming office by the new ambassador. She noted that the Netherlands has many well-known conservatories with profound music cultural traditions such as the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and has long been willing to participate in international cooperation. She agreed with President Wang’s ideas of music, art and cultural education and promotion. She is also very willing to build a platform for exchanges between China Conservatory of Music and art institutions and schools in the Netherlands, and take this as an opportunity to achieve cooperation and exchange at more levels. In the end, Counselor Ineke van de Pol said in particular that she hoped more Dutch conservatories can make substantive contributions to further music and cultural exchanges between China and the Netherlands within the framework of the Global Music Education League.

At the end of the meeting, on behalf of China Conservatory of Music, President Wang delivered a small gift featuring Chinese musical art and culture to Counselor Ineke van de Pol. They took a group photo.

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