Certificate Program-Music Update Oct 30 2017

Certificate/Non-Degree Programs

Music Programs

China Conservatory of Music offers students a unique opportunity to learn from world-renowned scholars and musicians in the areas of traditional Chinese instruments or western musical styles. This program is available year round and can be tailored to suit individual needs and preferences. Students can also take up to three electives within the Conservatory including language, music education, music administration, and more.

Beginner/Intermediate Studies

Beginner and Intermediate Music Studies are designed for students who have no music proficiency and wish to learn an instrument or students who have some music proficiency but which to learn a new instrument or improve upon their existing musical talents.

Advanced Studies

Advanced Music Studies are designed for students who have intermediate to advanced music proficiency and wish to advance their knowledge in their instrument of choice.

*Chinese/English language proficiency preferred but not required

*Can be taken simultaneously with the Chinese Language Program

*Most classes are taught in Chinese

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