Degree Programs Update Oct 30 2017

Degree Programs

China Conservatory of Music provides four years Bachelor Program, three years Master Program, and three years Ph. D. Program. Our academic year includes two semesters. Fall term starts early September and ends mid-January, while spring term starts early March and ends mid-July. Undergraduate Bachelor’s Candidate’s application deadline is due every January 15th. For Master and PhD’s Candidate, the application deadline is due every December 20th.

Undergraduate Bachelor’s Candidate requirements:

  1. Age 18 or above

  2. High School/ Secondary School graduate or comparable education

  3. Basic musical education and experience

  4. Gaining the specialist diploma in foreign Conservatories

  5. HSK level 5 certificate (level 4 for Performance major only)

Master’s and Ph. D. Candidate requirements:

  1. No age limit

  2. Bachelor’s degree or comparable education

  3. HSK level 6 certificate (level 5 for Performance major only)

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